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Vicky Goulding smoking 120's | 7th October 2009

Top English model Vicky Goulding smokes an all white 120's cigarette while sitting on a bar stool. Vicky is sipping on a glass of wine while enjoying a cigarette and her smoking style is so damn sexy, her open mouth inhales are just so perfect and so natural

models Vicky and Katie smoke all white 100's cigarettes | 7th October 2009

Sexy new models Vicky and Katie smoke Capri Slims 100's while talking about how sexy smoking is and how to turn a guy on by smoking. Both girls are great smokers and this scene is top quality

Vicky Goulding and Kate smoking chat and tricks | 16th September 2009

Vicky Goulding and Kate smoke Marlboro reds cork 100's cigarettes as they talk about their smoking lifestyle and experiences aswell as teaching each other smoking tricks

Vicky Goulding sexy smoking | 16th September 2009

Stunning model Vicky Goulding smokes Marlboro reds corks 100's cigarettes while wearing a little sequin top. Vicky's smoking is very sexy and elegant with long pulls and a mixed style of inhales

Vicky Goulding smoking interview | 16th September 2009

Stunning model Vicky Goulding smokes strong Marlboro reds 100's cigarettes while being interviewed about her everyday smoking lifestyle and history

Kate and Vicky smoke swapping | 16th September 2009

Models Kate and Vicky both smoke Marlboro reds 100's cigarettes in this hot smoke swapping movie. Kate starts by offering Vicky a cigarette and Vicky tells Kate about her friends smoke swapping with each other and how sexy it looks so the girls try it and they love it, the girls share their smoke with each other and you can really really see how much they are enjoying it. SUPER HOT MOVIE

Vicky Goulding smoking schoolgirl | 15th September 2009

Schoolgirl Vicky smokes Marlboro Reds corks 100's cigarettes while wearing a check red skirt and black knee length socks. Vicky has a stunning sexy smoking style with perfect snap inhales and open mouth inhales, it is even sexier as its the way she smokes everyday. Another beautiful english model that loves to smoke