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Sophie L smoking corks 100s while reading - The last Sophie L missing movie | 12th August 2019

Sophie L and Lauren smoking all white 120's | 23rd June 2016

Sophie L and Lauren smoke all white 120's cigarettes. Jam packed with smoking tricks, including snap inhales, french inhales, nose exhales, smoke rings, open mouth inhales. This movie certainly won't disappoint

Sophie L smoking interview | 30th December 2010

Sophie L is amazing in this interview about her smoking lifestyle with one of the most clinical displays of smoking style perfection I have ever seen, perfect open mouth inhales and snap inhales with some smoke rings too

Sophie L smoking in a red latex dress | 30th September 2010

Busty blonde Sophie L smokes corks 100's cigarettes while wearing a sexy red latex dress that shows her cleavage perfectly. Sophie's long pulls and open mouth inhales are just pure perfection and with the latex, wow

Busty Sophie L smokes while wearing a sexy blue latex dress | 22nd May 2010

Busty Sophie L smokes corks 100's cigarettes while wearing a sexy blue latex dress as she looks right at you and blows her smoke towards you. Sophie's smoking is strong as usual with lots of open mouth and snap inhales and thick exhales and her tits look so amazing in that latex dress

Sophie L sexy heavy smoking | 4th May 2010

Busty blonde Sophie L smokes corks 100's cigarettes with sitting in front of the sofa. The flow of exhaled smoke over her plump lips and her open mouth and french inhales are amazing to watch

Sophie L smoking all whites 120's | 22nd April 2010

Blonde busty Sophie L smokes all whites 120's wearing black gloves, basque and stockings. Sophie's smoking is very natural with open mouth and french inhales as part of her ntural style

Smoking school girls Sophie L | 13th April 2010

Busty Sofie L is here in a cute school girl outfit and chewing bubblegum as she smokes a Marboro Red 100's cigarette. Long, deep and frequent inhales, leaves us thinking that the 'L' in Sofie L must stand for Lungs! This girl can really smoke. Open mouths, snaps and french inhales are just part of her usual smoking routine!