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Nina Leigh topless smoking in pantyhose | 18th December 2010

Nina Leigh smokes Marlboro lights 100's cigarettes while topless and wearing pantyhose. Nina's open mouth inhales are mind blowing and her smoking in general is as stunning as she looks

Nina Leigh smoking VS all white 120's while topless | 11th November 2010

Sexy little brunette Nina Leigh smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes as she sits on a bar chair topless. Nina has such a sexy little body with nice big tits and her smoking in this movie is pure perfection with stunning open mouth inhales and thick exhales

Nina Leigh smoking interview | 8th November 2010

Nina Leigh smokes Marlboro lights 100's cigarettes as I interview her about her smoking lifestyle. Nina looks stunning in a short purple dress and her smoking style is just as stunning

Nina Leigh smokes slim all white 120s in black gloves | 16th October 2010

Nina Leigh smokes slim all white 120s cigarettes while wearing a little black dress, stockings and suspenders and sexy black gloves. Nina's open mouth inhales and smoke rings are great in this update and her smoking style in general is so sexy to watch

Nina Leigh smoking while on her laptop | 15th October 2010

Sexy smoker Nina Leigh smokes corks 100's cigarettes as she lays on her front while on her laptop. Nina is a natural smoker with a strong smoking style with long pulls and thick exhales, closed mouth and open mouth inhales are her main type of inhale. Nina does lots of dangling in this update as she types away