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Natasha Anastasia smoking all white 120s in pantyhose | 15th July 2019

Natasha Anastasia smokes while in stockings and lingerie as she relaxes | 14th January 2011

Natasha Anastasia smoking interview | 15th December 2010

Little blonde beauty Natasha Anastasia smokes Benson and Hedges corks cigarettes while being interviewed about her smoking lifestyle

Natasha Anastasia smoking in the car | 11th December 2010

Natasha Anastasia smokes corks cigarettes while in the passenger seat on the way to the shoot, I picked her up and she asked if she could smoke so I filmed it for you guys. Natasha lights her cigarette with the car lighter and her smoking is very natural

Natasha Anastasia closeup smoking 120's | 16th September 2010

Natasha Anastasia smokes all white 120's cigarettes in this closeup movie and just seeing her pretty lips wrapped around that cigarette is enough to drive any guy crazy

Natasha Anastasia smoking all white 120's | 30th August 2010

Stunning Natasha Anastasia smokes VS all white 120's as she lays on her front on the floor. Natasha has a very elegant smoking style and smokes very naturally

Natasha Anastasia smoking closeup | 1st August 2010

Closeup movie of blonde bombshell Natasha Anastasia smoking Marlboro Light 100's cigarettes. The closeup camera catches the sparkle in her eyes as she seductively smokes her cigarette

Natasha Anastasia seductive smoking | 5th July 2010

Sexy new smoking model to our sites is blonde bombshell Natasha Anastasia. Natasha is a natural beauty and an extreamly sexy smoker. Sitting on the sofa wearing a white dress, Natasha smokes Marlboro Light 100's cigarettes with elegance as she takes pulls on her cigarette whilst give you a sexy seductive look