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Lucy Fox smokes corks 120's while being driven to the shoot | 27th December 2010


Lucy Fox smokes while reading | 20th November 2010

Lucy Fox smokes Marlboro lights 100's cigarettes while reading a newspaper. Lucy's natural smoking and big open mouth inhales are stunning

Lucy Fox smoking in pantyhose | 4th October 2010

Lucy Fox smokes corks 100's cigarettes while wearing lingerie and pantyhose. Lucy looks stunning and her smoking is 1st class as always

Lucy Fox has her hair done by Jenna as she smokes all white 120's | 3rd October 2010

Lucy Fox sits in front of the mirror smoking VS all white 120's cigarettes as Jenna does her hair

Lucy Fox smokes weed at home in her stockings and lingerie. Lucy smokes weed most nights and loves the feeling it gives her and her big open mouth inhales are so thick and creamy in this movie

Lucy Fox smoking on her bed at home in lingerie | 12th January 2011

Lucy Fox smokes Marlboro lights corks cigarettes while wearing sexy lingerie. Perfect long pulls and big open mouth inhales as usual from sexy Lucy

Lucy Fox hot teen smoker | 7th September 2010

Hot smoking teen Lucy Fox smokes Marlboro lights cigarettes in the conservatory while wearing a little black vest. Lucy's smoking as always is sexy as hell and she has perfected her big open mouth inhales and even learned how to do double and triple pulls as well as dangling while inhaling and you can see all of these in this movie. The closeup open mouth inhales are my favourite part of this movie, that's for sure

Stunning smoker Lucy Fox | 26th June 2010

Standing wearing a tight black dress, Lucy Fox smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes. Lucy takes long pulls on her cigarette, inhales with amazing open mouth inhales then blows thick streams of smoke as she exhales

Young blonde Lucy Fox smoking | 19th June 2010

Young sexy blonde Lucy Fox lays on a rug smoking Marlboro Light 100's cigarettes. With long red nails holding her long cigarette, Lucy does the most amazing open mouth inhales

Lucy Fox closeup smoking movie | 8th April 2010

A beautiful blonde, red lipstick and a cigarette, the perfect combination. A closeup movie of Lucy Fox smoking all whites 120's cigarettes makes it clear to see her amazing open mouth inhales and her exhaled smoke as it flows from her lips

Lucy Fox's sexy open mouth inhales | 9th March 2010

Just 18, petite blonde Lucy Fox looks stunning as she smokes all white 120's cigarettes whilst leaning up against the wall wearing sexy lingerie and stockings. Lucy elegantly smokes her long cigarette and watch out for her sexy open mouth inhales

Just 18 Lucy Fox smokes 100's | 8th March 2010

Just 18 year old blonde Lucy Fox smokes Marlboro Lights 100's cigarettes while being interviewed about her smoking lifestyle. Lucy's open mouth inhales are sensational as well as her loud inhale and exhale noises