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Lara Martinez sexy smoking | 25th July 2010

Lara Martinez sits on the sofa wearing a floral dress as she smokes Marlboro Light 100's cigarettes. Lara does some of the most amazing open mouth and french inhales and she looks right at you with her seductive eyes as she smokes

Lara Martinez dangling while smoking at work | 26th May 2010

Lara Martinez is hard at work in the office as she catches up on some emails while wearing her usual office attire. Lara taps away at the computer as she smokes VS's all white 120's cigarettes, with her hands busy typing, Lara dangles her cigarette throughout as she continues to smoke

Lara Martinez smoking Mores brown 120's cigarettes | 11th May 2010

Stunning brunette Lara Martinez stands looking out the window as she smokes Mores brown 120's cigarettes. Lara is a smoking sweetie who knows how to smoke as she double and triple pumps of her cigarette

Lara Martinez smoking by the pool at sunset | 7th May 2010

On a sunny afternoon, gorgeous brunette Lara Martinez sits by the pool wearing a sexy red underwear set as she smokes Marlboro Lights 100's cork cigarettes. Lara's smoking style is as strong as always with long drags and open mouth inhales

Lara Martinez closeup smoking | 5th June 2010

Glamour smoking sweetie Lara Martinez smokes Marlboro Reds 100's cigarettes is in this closeup movie. Lara is a very sexy seductive smoker with amazing open mouth inhales. Her cigarette sits perfectly in her red glossed lips

Lara Martinez closeup smoking all whites 120's cigarettes | 15th June 2010

An amazing closeup movie of the stunning brunette Lara Martinez. Lara smokes VS's all white 120's cigarettes abd this long cigarette looks fantastic being held in her fingures. Lara's open mouth inhales are ones not to be missed and with this closeup camera, you will clearly see her smoke filled mouth

Lara smokes Marbloro Reds 100's | 20th April 2010

Sexy seņorita Lara Martinez looks sexier than even in this movie as she wears a silk red basque while smoking strong Marlboro Reds 100's cigarettes. Lara is a heavy natural smoker which you will see as she takes long hard pulls from her strong cigarette and even double pumps

Secuctive smoking by Lara Martinez | 16th April 2010

Smoking sweetie Lara Martinez looks stunning wearing a white basque and stockings as she smokes VS's all whites 120's cigarettes. Lara is a heavy smoker and double pumps hard and deep on these light cigarettes, then shows us the most amazing open mouth inhales and also slips in a fantastic french inhale as she gives many seductive looks to the camera

Lara shows her french inhales and double pumps | 8th December 2009

Wearing an elegant red evening dress and bright red lipstick, Lara Martinez relaxes as she takes heavy pulls on a strong Marlboro Red cigarette, opening her mouth wide to show us her sexy smoke-filled mouth. Lara smokes with a real classy style, with plenty of french inhales and double pumps

Lara's amazing french and open mouth inhales | 27th December 2009

Lara Martinez has a very sexy smoking style, taking long pulls and double pumps on Eve 120's all white cigarette and mixing natural smoking with french and open mouth inhales

Lara is full of smoking tricks | 19th November 2009

Lara Martinez once again shows what a great smoking style she has, sitting in the black studio in naughty lingerie taking long, deep pulls on a strong Marlbobo Red 100's cigarette and exhaling elegantly. Look out for double pumps, open mouth ehales, french inhales and nose exhales

Lara Martinez double pumps and french inhales | 9th October 2009

Lara Martinez relaxes in the conservatry to smoke a Benson & Hedges 100 cigarette. Lara does many double pumps, french inhales and takes long drags of this strong cigarette

Buried in balloons, Lara Martinez smokes Eves all whites 120's cigarettes. Lara shows us french inhales and blows her exhales smoke over the balloons

Lara double pumps and french inhales | 6th December 2009

Lara Martinez relaxes back and smokes an all whites Eve 120's cigarette. Lara shows us many double pumps and french inhales

Lara Martinez french inhales | 23rd October 2009

Stunning brunette Lara Martinez lays on the sofa as she smokes all whites 120's cigarettes. Not looking at the camera, the side angle of her exhaled smoke is amazing as well as her open mouth and french inhales

Lara Martinez applies her makeup | 8th October 2009

Lara Martinez sits at her vanity unit to apply her makeup whilst smoking all whites 120's. Lara does a lot of dangling with the cigarette and open mouth inhales

Lara Martinez smoking 120's with lots of double pumps | 18th October 2009

New to the Elegant Smoking site, stunning brunette Lara Martinez smokes all whites 120's whilst sitting on the balcony. Lara is a very heavy smoker and does many double pumps in this movie