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Busty Jenkins tells you how much she loves to smoke | 22nd September 2010

Busty model Jenkins smokes corks 100's cigarettes while telling you how much she loves to smoke. Watch out for Jenkins big open mouth inhales

Jenkins doing her makeup in front of the mirror topless | 1st September 2010

Huge breasted Jenkins does her makeup in front of the mirror while topless as she smokes Marlboro lights 100's cigarettes. Jenkins also practices her open mouth inhales as she watches the smoke in her mouth and there is lots of dangling in this movie as well

Busty model Jenkins smoking 120's | 8th October 2009

Busty model Jenkins smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes while sitting in front of a window wearing a little sexy black number

Jenkins smokes Mistys 120's | 22nd October 2009

Jenkins elegantly smokes Mistys all whites 120's cigarettes in a black studio

Jenkins smoking all white 120's | 8th October 2009

Smoking all whites 120's cigarettes, busty Jenkins is back with more elegant smoking, inhaling deeply everytime

Busty model Jenkins smoking | 8th October 2009

Say a big hello to our new super busty model Jenkins, she is so sexy its untrue. Jenkins smokes long elegant VS all whites 120's cigarettes while sitting on a rug in a blue dress

Jenkins smokes a fat cigar | 6th November 2009

Busty and curvatious brunette Jenkins lays on a rug and smokes a big fat cigar

Busty Jenkins smokes strong B & H 100's | 5th October 2009

Busty Jenkins smokes strong Benson and Hedges corks 100's cigarettes with lots of heavy smoking as she wears a striped undone shirt exposing her huge cleavage

Busty Jenkins smoking strong cigarettes | 23rd September 2009

Super busty model Jenkins smokes strong Benson and Hedges 100's cigarettes with lots of long drags and deep inhales

Jenkins the super busty smoker | 22nd September 2009

Jenkins is new to smoking-models but not to smoking as she is a very experienced smoker and if you love naturally busty girls that smoke like I do you will love this update. Busty brunette Jenkins sits on the bed smoking Marlboro Lights 100's cigarettes wearing a pretty little red dress and her smoking is amazing