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Holly and Natasha Marley smoking and drinking | 7th November 2010

Holly and Natasha have a drink after the shoot and get a bit giggly and silly. Both girls smoke Marlboro lights cigarettes

Holly Newberry interview about her private life while smoking | 5th November 2010

Holly Newberry wears a skimpy bikini in the pool while smoking as she gets interviewed about her private life and what guys and girls she likes

Holly Newberry smoking in gloves closeup | 2nd November 2010

Blonde smoker Holly Newberry wears long black gloves thick red lipstick and smokes all white menthol cigarettes super close up

Holly and Natasha smoke pink cocktail cigarettes | 24th June 2010

Wearing sexy underwear and stockings, Holly Newberry and Natasha Marley sit under the gazeebo to smoke pink cocktail cigarettes. These two gorgeous models smoke with elegance and both do many french inhales

Holly and Natasha smoke all white 120's | 17th July 2010

Two fabulous blonde models Natasha Marley and Holly Newberry sit on the sofa in the conservatory wearing sexy underwear and black gloves as they smoke Eve 120 all white cigarettes. The girls do many open mouth inhales and french inhales and the long cigarette looks amazing being held between their fingers in black gloves

Holly Newberry smoking interview | 14th June 2010

The amazing Holly Newberry sits on the sofa wearing sexy red underwear smoking Marlboro Light 100's cigarettes as she answers questions related to her smoking lifestyle

Holly and Natasha smoke fat cigars | 4th June 2010

Two top UK glamour models Natasha Marley and Holly Newbury sit down together to enjoy a big fat cigar

Holly Newbury and Natasha Marley smoking all whites | 19th May 2010

Two top glamour models are here smoking all white cigarettes together. Natasha Marley and Holly Newbury smoke their sexy elegant cigarettes with such sex appeal

Holly Newberry smoking by the pool | 1st March 2010

Topless sitting by the pool, natural stunner Holly Newberry smokes Marlboro Lights 100's cigarettes. Not looking at the camera, Holly dips her feet into the pool and smokes so naturally

The sun illuminates Holly's exhaled smoke | 4th April 2010

Smoking Marlboro Light 100's cigarettes, Holly Newberry sits in the garden to relax. With the sun beaming down behind her, illuminating her exhaled smoke

Holly Newberry smoking on a lilo in the pool | 25th April 2010

Topless Holly Newberry lays on a lilo in the pool as she smokes Marlboro Light 100's cigarettes

Holly enjoys smoking her cigarettes | 31st March 2010

On a warm summers day, Holly Newberry perches on the side of the pool as she smokes corks 100's cigarettes

Holly's french and open mouth inhales | 10th March 2010

Wearing only her underwear, Holly Newberry lights up a Marlboro Light 100's cigarette and teases you with her smoke as she does open mouth inhales and french inhales

Holly Newberry chills with an Eve 120's cigarette and a glass of wine | 11th March 2010

Smoking an Eve Light 120's all white cigarette, Holly Newberry chills out by the pool with a glass of wine

Topless Holly smokes an Eve 120's all white cigarette | 18th February 2010

On a hot Spanish summers afternoon, the stunning Holly Newberry stands topless in the pool smoking an Eve 120's all white cigarette. Holly looks stunning in this update

Holly smoking while doing her makeup | 18th May 2010

Sitting in the black studio, Holly Newberry does the finishing touches to her makeup as she smokes Marlboro Lights 100's cigarettes. Wearing only her underwear, Holly looks fantastic as she dangles the cigarette in her plump pink lips

Holly Newberry smoking corks 100's | 21st February 2010

Holly Newberry stands fully dressed as she smokes Marlboro Lights 100s cigarettes whilst looking right at you

Holly Newberry smokes a Marlboro Light 100 | 13th February 2010

Wearing a pink dress standing in a black studio, Holly Newberry lights a Marlboro Light 100 cigarette as she then smokes whilst looking at the camera

French inhales by Holly Newberry | 10th February 2010

Holly Newberry sits on the bed in a black studio wearing a cute red dress. Reaching for her Eve 120's all white cigarettes, Holly lights one using a lighter and proceeds to elegantly smoke and you can see amazing side views of her french inhales

Holly topless smoking 120's | 28th May 2010

Holly Newberry sits topless in the garden as she smokes Eve 120's all white cigarettes whilst looking at the camera

Holly Newberry smokes an all whites slim cigarette as she sits infront of the mirror to apply her daily makeup

Holly smokes all white 120's wearing gloves | 28th January 2010

Elegantly smoking all white 120's cigarettes in lingerie and long black gloves, Holly Newberry is here on the leather sofa in the black studio, perfect!

Holly Newberry performs smoking tricks | 20th January 2010

hot blonde Holly Newberry enjoys an elegant all white 120's cigarette. Sitting in her underwear against the black background her smoking skills can be admired clearly. Holly performs many tricks in this update

Holly Newberry dangles and french inhales | 18th November 2009

Holly Newberry smokes Eve 120's all white cigarette as she sits in front of the mirror to apply her makeup. Holly dangles the cigarette in her gorgeous plump lips as she touches up her eye shadow. Not to be missed are Holly's extremely sexy french inhales

Holly Newberry smokes corks 100's dressed as a naughty maid | 17th November 2009

Dressed as a naughty maid with sexy red stockings, Holly Newberry smokes a Marlboro Lights 100's cork cigarette. With her very sexy smoking style of open mouth and french inhales, nose ehhales and some great side on views of her exhales. Seeing the stream of smoke flowing past sexy lips like Holly's must be a turn on for any smoking lover

Holly Newberry smoking closeup | 26th December 2009

Holly Newberry enjoys an Eves 120's all white cigarette as we show a super close up view of her amazing open mouth inhales, french inhales and dangling

Holly Newberry close up smoking tricks | 29th November 2009

In ths close up movie blonde glamour girl Holly Newberry takes long heavy pulls on a cork 100 cigarette and performs sexy French and open-mouth inhales

Holly Newberry smoking close up | 2nd December 2009

In this close up movie Holly Newberry goes through her daily makeup routine, applying various products, all the time smoking an allwhite 120 cigarette