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Havana Sin helps Sabrina with a few smoking tricks | 27th January 2017

The extremely talented smoker Havana Sin shows her friend Sabrina a few smoking tricks and helps to teach her some along the way. From open mouth inhales to smoke rings, french inhales to snap inhales

Havana and Sabrina smoke all white 120's in fishnet stockings and lingerie | 28th December 2010

Havana Sin smoking all white 120's topless | 19th December 2010

Havanna Sin smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes while laying on the floor topless. Havanna is such an experienced smoker with a faultless smoking style, her open mouth, snaps and french inhales are stunning.

Havanna and Sabrina smoke strong Benson and Hedges cigarettes | 14th December 2010

Havanna and Sabrina smoke strong Benson and Hedges cigarettes as they have a chat on the sofa. Both girls have strong smoking styles in this natural smoking scene

Havana Sin smoking eve 120s cigarettes | 23rd October 2010

Amazing smoking pornstar Havana Sin smokes Eve all white 120s cigarettes in a little sexy dress. Havana's french inhales, smoke rings and snap inhales are pure smoking perfection

Havana and Sabrina smoking cigars | 2nd May 2010

Two gorgeous models Havana Sin and Sabrina stand to smoke fat cigars. These two girls suck hard on their cigars and the room soon fills with their exhaled smoke

Tilly and Havana sexy smoking kisses | 4th February 2010

Pornstars Tilly and Havana get turned on whilst smoking their Marlboro Red 100's cigarettes as the girls passionately kiss and swap their strong thick smoke

Tilly and Havana Marlboro Reds smokey kisses | 10th December 2009

Tilly and Havana smoke Marlboro Reds corks cigarettes in the garden. After lighting the cigarettes, the girls kiss intensely, swap smoke and give sexy blow backs

Havana Sin's sexy smoking tricks | 4th November 2009

Havana smokes stong corks 100's cigarettes while wearing a little dress and high heels as she lays on the floor. Havana's smoking is amazing with perfect open mouth inhales, french inhales and smoke rings. Some really sexy strong smoking from a beautiful UK pornstar