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Fiona Graham smoking interview | 27th August 2010

Fiona Graham smokes strong Marlboro Red 100's cigarettes as she is interviewed by Gemma Hiles

Heavy smoker Fiona Graham | 16th August 2010

Fiona Graham sits on a chair wearing a casual top as she smokes strong Marlboro Red 100's cigarettes. Being a heavy smoker, Fiona smokes these strong cigarette with ease as she french inhales does lots of nose exhales

Fiona Graham smokes all white 120's | 31st July 2010

Gorgeous brunette Fiona Graham sits outside on the sofa smoking all white 120's cigarettes. Pulling hard, inhaling deep and long flowing exhales makes Fiona a great smoker to watch

Fiona Graham's long deep inhales | 11th August 2010

Fiona Graham sits on the bed wearing pink underwear and stockings as she smokes Eve all white 120's cigarettes. Fiona is a heavy smoker and inhales long and deep

Deep smoker Fiona Graham | 20th July 2010

Sexy brunette Fiona Graham sits by the pool wearing lingerie as she smokes Marlboro Light 100's cigarettes. Fiona takes long pulls on her cigarette, inhales deep, then holds the smoke before exhaling

Fiona and Gemma smoke Marlboro all whites | 19th June 2010

Two busty babes Fiona Graham and Gemma Hiles sit on the sofa by the pool as they smoke Marlboro all white cigarettes. With the sun behind them illuminating the smoke, these two exhale think streams of smoke

Gemma and Fiona smoking in hot tub | 6th July 2010

Gorgeous blonde Gemma Hiles and stunning brunette Fiona Graham wear skimpy bikini's in the hot tub and the rest from the bubbles and have a cigarette. Smoking B&H all white 100's cigarettes, these two models really hot up our smoking site with this movie

Gemma Hiles and Fiona Graham smoke cigars | 12th July 2010

Two busty models Gemma Hiles and Fiona Graham are in the hot tub wearing tiny bikini's as they both smoke huge cigars

Fiona and Gemma smoke Marlboro Light 100's | 3rd June 2010

Wearing matching yellow underwear, gorgeous models Gemma Hiles and Fiona Graham sit on the gazeebo bed in the sun smoking Marlboro Light 100's cigarettes. They look absolutly amazing with cigarettes between their fingers

Fiona Graham and Gemma Hiles smoke fat cigars | 2nd March 2010

Two beautiful busty blondes Fiona Graham and Gemma Hiles take hard pulls on their fat cigars

Fiona and Gemma smoke with style and elegance | 7th March 2010

A very hot sensual scene of two gorgeous models Fiona Graham and Gemma Hiles. Sitting in a black studio, the girls smoke B&H 100's all white cigarettes and they definatly smoke with style and elegance

Fiona and Gemma smoke slim all whites | 13th May 2010

Two beautiful busty models sitting on the sofa enjoy a cigarette break together. Smoking all white slim cigarettes, Fiona Graham and Gemma Hiles enjoy every last pull

Two topless models smoke in the pool | 14th February 2010

A truely amazing hot scene. Busty Fiona Graham and Gemma Hiles stand in the pool topless as they smoke all white 100's cigarettes. You will definately need to cool off after watching these two hotties smoke

Outdoor smoking twosome | 22nd March 2010

Gemma and Fiona smoke all white Marboro Lights 100's cigarettes in the garden while wearing sexy underwear

2 models in basques fill the bedroom with smoke | 6th February 2010

Smoking B&H all white 100's, Gemma Hiles and Fiona Graham wearing sexy basques sit on the bed to enjoy their cigarettes. The bedroom soon fills up with their exhaled smoke as these two models take long pulls on their cigarettes

2 topless models smoke in the sun | 5th February 2010

2 Amazing topless girls, 4 huge perfect tits, a couple of B&H 100's and a lounger chair on the balcony, in the sun. Sexy Fiona Graham and Gemma Hiles enjoy their smoke.

Fiona and Gemma smoke Marlboro Reds 100 | 19th February 2010

On a beautiful summers afternoon, Fiona Graham and Gemma Hiles chill out in the garden and smoke Marlboro Reds 100's cigarettes. A gorgeous blonde and brunette smoking whilst looking at you, it does not get any better than this!!

Fiona smokes a 120 and applies her makeup | 1st February 2010

Glamour girl Fiona Graham tops up her makeup in the mirror, whilst wearing her sexy underwear and smoking a 120's all white cigarette

Fiona Graham elegant smoking | 28th February 2010

Fiona Graham smokes Eve 120's all white cigarettes in her elegant smoking style

Fiona smokes Eve all white 120's cigarettes | 10th April 2010

Busty Brunette Fiona is smoking Eve all white 120's cigarettes in bed with some very sexy underwear and black fishnet stockings

Fiona smokes in the black studio | 16th January 2010

Sexy smoking model Fiona Graham wears lingerie and stockings and smokes a Marlboro Lights cigarette as she looks right at you. Some amazing smoking from the hugely popular Fiona

Gemma and Fiona chat whilst smoking corks 120's | 7th January 2010

Dressed in lingerie, Gemma Hiles and Fiona Graham enjoy Fines 120's cigarettes whilst having a chat between themselves in the garden

Fiona and Gemma smoking in the sun | 6th January 2010

Busty beauties Fiona Graham and Gemma Hiles take a break and relax with Benson and Hedges all white 100's cigarettes

Fiona and Gemma smoking while wearing gloves | 10th January 2010

The two gorgeous models Fiona Graham and Gemma Hiles are in the garden smoking all whites 120's whilst wearing gloves and lingerie. This is an elegant and stunning scene

Fiona enjoys smoking corks 100's | 12th November 2009

One of the newer girls to feature on the website, Fiona Graham is a stunning brunette with looks to kill. She has a superb body with perfect tits and arse and most of all she loves to smoke. She enjoys a cork 100's cigarette in this hot update

Fiona smokes Eve's 120's | 14th November 2009

Brunette beauty Fiona Graham enjoys smoking EVE 120's cigarettes as she is found simply relaxing in the comfort of the bedroom wearing some sexy black lingerie. Fiona has a very natural smoking style with very sexy inhales and exhales

Natural smoker Fiona Graham | 21st December 2009

Fiona Graham lies back relaxing on the bed whilst enjoying a B&H all white 100's cigarette. Fiona is an extremely sexy brunette babe with a body to die for, she has a very sexy natural smoking style taking long drags on her cigarette and very sexy exhales

Fiona smoking while she does her makeup | 10th November 2009

Busty brunette Fiona Graham lights up a B&H all whites 100 cigarette before going through her daily makeup routine. Fiona is a gorgeous natural smoker