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Elle P smokes VS all white 120s cigarettes while laying on her front naked. In this update Elle's open mouth inhales are sensational and with Elle being side on the smoke shows so well

Elle P smoking topless | 15th September 2010

Elle P leans against a brick wall topless as she lights up a menthol 100's all white cigarette. Elle's smoking in this movie is great, long pulls, deep open mouth inhales and thick exhales. The side on view catches the smoke so perfectly and the eye contact is so sexy

Elle P smoking in a purple latex dress | 12th September 2010

Elle P looks so damn sexy as she smokes in a purple latex dress. Her open mouth inhales are perfect and her tits look so big in this dress

Elle P smoking all white 120's in latex | 2nd September 2010

Elle P wears a tight black latex dress as she smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes and seeing her huge natural tits in tight latex is a sight for sore eyes. Elle's open mouth inhales are just perfect in this movie

Elle P smoking Marlboro reds 100's as she talks to you about smoking | 31st August 2010

Elle P wears a little pink dress as she smokes strong Marlboro reds 100's cigarettes. Elle talks to you about smoking and what she loves so much about when she smokes as she smokes her strong cigarettes with ease, long drags, perfect open mouth inhales. A great update

Raunchy smoking by Elle P | 18th July 2010

A very sexy and raunchy movie of Elle P as she sits naked on the sofa and smokes Marlboro Light 100's cigarettes. Elle will make you tingle watching this movie as her sexy and seductive style of smoking will take over you

Red head Elle P lays down on a rug having a little catch up with her diary as she smokes a cigarette. Elle dangles a lot whilst writing and her exhales are very thick

Elle P smokes VS all white 120's | 1st July 2010

Red head Elle P lays on a rug as she smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes. Elle is a heavy smoker and loves to hold a long cigarette in her fingers. She shows us some amazing open mouth inhales as well as great nose exhales

Fabulous red head Elle P is back with us for more of her amazing smoking. Elle smokes Marlboro Red 100's cigarettes as she carefully touches up her makeup