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Sultry brunette Charley Atwell oozes sex appeal as she smokes all white 120's | 15th August 2013

Stunning model Charley A smoking | 7th October 2009

Stunning model Charley A smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes while looking right at you as she lays on a bed wearing a little red dress, red shoes and sexy black stockings. This movie is seriously hot and so is Charley's smoking. Enjoy

Charley A smoking all white 120's cigarettes | 7th October 2009

model Charley A smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes and she looks so damn good

Charley A smokes VS all white 120's | 7th October 2009

Stunning new model Charley A smokes VS all white 120's cigarettes as she does her makeup in the mirror. This is an amazing update of a beautiful new smoking model

Charley Atwell smokes in fishnet stockings | 18th September 2009

Sexy model Charley A smokes corks 100's cigarettes while wearing a little black bra and fishnet stockings. Lots of sexy smoking from this stunning model

Charley Atwell smokes in lingerie | 18th September 2009

Super hot model Charley A smokes Benson and Hedges corks 100's cigarettes while laying down on a black rug as she is wearing a little white bra and panties aswell as black stockings. Yet another hot smoking update for all you members

Charley Atwell smokes strong B&H cigarettes | 18th September 2009

Here is another super hot smoking model for 2009, Charely A is stunning and her smoking is so god damn sexy, Charley A smokes strong Benson and Hedges cork 100's cigarettes in this update. Enjoy