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Emma Spellar and Charlee Lynn smoke all white 100's slims | 9th November 2010

Emma Spellar and Charlee Lynn smoke all white 100's slims cigarettes in the conservatory in little dresses and stockings with both girls smoking being as sexy as ever and the girls even do some smoke swapping

Emma Spellar and Charlee Lynn smoke cigars in the hot tub | 26th October 2010

Emma Spellar and Charlee Lynn smoke big cigars while in the hot tub at night. Both girls look so sexy smoking these big cigars and Charlee even inhales a few times and loves the taste of them

Emma Spellar and Charlee Lynn smoking on the roof terrace | 28th October 2010

Charlee Lynn and Emma Spellar smoke Berkley menthols 100's cigarettes while sitting on the roof terrace in skimpy dresses. Lots of sexy natural smoking with long pulls and deep inhales

Emma Spellar and Charlee Lynn smoking at night in bed | 24th October 2010

Emma Spellar and Charlee Lynn smoke Superkings corks 100's cigarettes while in bed at night in lingerie. This is a natural sexy smoking movie from 2 of your all time favourite models with a slight slow motion effect in some parts

Charlee Lynn smoking while doing her makeup | 10th August 2010

English rose Charlee Lynn sits wrapped up in a towel in front of the mirror smoking Berkley Menthol 100's cigarettes as she runs through her makeup routine

Charlee Lynn smoking interview | 9th August 2010

Stunning English rose Charlee Lynn smokes strong B&H 100's cigarettes as she is interviewed about the world of smoking and her own smoking habits

Charlee Lynn and Emma Spellar stunning smoking | 23rd July 2010

Looking sexy wearing lingerie and stockings, Charlee Lynn and Emma Spellar take a few minutes out and sit down to relax with a cigarette. Smoking Superkings Blue 100's cigarettes, the girls have a little chat whilst smoking naturally

Charlee Lynn and Emma Spellar smoke all whites cigarettes | 5th August 2010

Natural beauties Charlee Lynn and Emma Spellar sit at the table outside to smoke all white slim cigarettes. Emma hands Charlee her cigarette and then both girls proceed to elegantly smoke

Charlee Lynn smoking in the hot tub | 13th July 2010

The stunning Charlee Lynn is back and in the hot tub, smoking a Marboro Lights 100s cicarette and wearing just a red and white polka dot bikini, Charlee naturally smokes with elegance and beauty

Charlee Lynn and Emma Spellar smoking corks 120's | 5th May 2010

Smoking sweeties Charlee Lynn and Emma Speller are in the conservatory smoking Fines 120's cigarettes while looking you right in the eye. Long deep inhales, sexy exhales and the odd open mouth and snap inhale also appear. Enjoy

Charlee Lynn smoking perfection | 26th February 2010

Perfectly natural beauty Charlee Lynn sits in the garden as she smokes Marlboro Light 100's cigarettes. Charlee shows off her natural sexy smoking style

English rose smokes by the hot tub | 9th February 2010

English rose Charlee Lynn perches on the side of the hot tub and lights up a Superkings Light 100's cigarette. The sun behind her illuminates her exhaled smoke perfectly

Natural smoker Charlee Lynn | 22nd February 2010

Natural beauty Charlee Lynn relaxes in the garden on the sofa and smokes an all white slim cigarette. Charlee is a fantastic natural smoker

Charlee relaxes in the evening with a cigarette | 3rd February 2010

On a barmy summers evening, Charlee Lynn lays back on the sofa in the garden and smokes a Berkley Menthol 100's all white cigarette

Charlee Lynn smokes a big cigar | 11th January 2010

Mouthwatering model Charlee Lynn smokes this big fat cigar like a pro, watch her enjoy the smoke and flavour in this sexy update

Charlee and Emma smoke as they have a chat | 31st December 2009

Delectable duo Emma Spellar and Charlee Lynn sit outside and each smoke all white Berkeley menthol 100's cigarettes as they enjoy the tranquil surroundings they chat about smoking

Charlee Lynn smoking in the hot tub | 30th December 2009

Charlee Lynn seductively smokes a Berkley 100's all white cigarette in the hot tub. Could there be a more perfect combination?

Natural beauty Charlee Lynn smoking | 2nd January 2010

Natural beauty Charlee Lynn smokes an all white 100's cigarette in the garden

Emma Spellar and Charlee Lynn | 29th December 2009

Two gorgeous models Emma Spellar and Charlee Lynn relax in the natural surrounding of the garden as they enjoy Corks 120's cigarettes

Charlee and Emma smoke all white menthols | 12th December 2009

What a sexy duo we have for your viewing pleasure... blonde bombshell Emma Spellar and the classic beauty that is Charlee Lynn. Sitting in the black studio they take out a packet of Berkeley all white 100s menthols and light up. The girls take their time to savour every pull from first to last, even doing some sexy open mouth and french inhales

Charlee Lynn smokes Superkings 100's | 23rd November 2009

Charlee Lynn smokes Superkings Blue 100's as she sits in a black studio. Charlee is a gorgeous brunette who loves to smoke and has a very sexy natural smoking style

Charlee Lynn's natural smoking style | 3rd December 2009

Gorgeous brunette Charlee Lynn is back again to show us more of her sexy smoking. Charlee is smoking Berkley menthol 100's all white cigarettes as she is looking right at you and her natural smoking style is so damn sexy to watch