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Billie smoking in a little gold dress | 28th November 2010

Billie smokes Marlboro lights 100's cigarettes while in a little gold dress. Billie's french and open mouth inhales in this update are amazing

Billie smokes all white 120's while looking right at you | 9th October 2010

Billie smokes all white 120's cigarettes as she lays on her front looking right at you. Lots of open mouth inhales in this movie

Billie sexy elegant 120's smoking | 29th September 2010

Billie smokes VS all white 120's while elegantly dressed and she looks stunning. Billie's open mouth inhales and thick exhales are great in this movie

Brunette Billie learning smoking styles | 28th September 2010

Brunette Billie smokes corks 100's cigarettes as she is taught how to do different inhales by Jenna who is smoking off camera. This movie has no sound due to sound issues on this movie but I thought you guys would still want to see it

What a sexy smoker we have here. Beautiful Greek model Billi smokes Marboro Lights 100's cigarettes with long deep pulls and open mouth inhales with long slow exhales, resulting in a very nice movie, Enjoy!

Smoking interview with Billie | 20th March 2010

Mediterranean beauty Bille smokes Marlboro Light 100's cigarettes as she answeres questions about her smoking lifestyle

Closeup of Billie's open mouth inhales | 24th May 2010

The sensational Billie is here on zoom cam, watch Billie's long slow inhales and exhales close up. Billie is a very sexy sensual smoker with her open mouths inhales second to none, these look incredible when her lips and cigarette are on full screen

Billie's seductive open mouth inhales | 19th March 2010

Stunning model Billie smokes all whites 120's cigarettes before a night out with the girlies. Glamed up looking very sexy, Billie seductively smokes her long all white cigarette with many open mouth inhales